Mejora de la Capacidad de Deformación de Bloques no estructurales


José Álvaro Astorga
Karen Caballero
Enviado: Jun 1, 2018
Publicado: Jun 4, 2018


Due to the search to improve the methods and materials of construction with the passage of time it is necessary to study the behavior and the relationship between the elements that make up the structures. The blocks of prefabricated concrete are one of the most used building elements today, with them dividing walls are built in structures erected with structural steel, however, these materials react differently to lateral loads, which produce lateral displacement in the steel structures that due to the elasto-plastic nature of the material to admit deformations do not represent major problems to it, however the reason for this study is to improve the deformability of the blocks by using materials that are considered glass solid waste, without compromising the resistances required by the standards adopted in our country, with the aim of improving the quality and safety of construction, mitigate the environmental impact that these waste produce and reduce costs for damage and repairs in civil works after natural accidents as are the earthquakes.

Palabras clave

bloques, deformación, esfuerzo, caucho, vidrio, reciclaje, materiales, mortero


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