A Novel Holonomic Mobile Manipulator Robot For Construction Sites


A. J. Gmerek
A. Plastropoulos
M. Kimball
A. Sain
K. Shah
A. Wheatley
P. Collins
P. T. Karfakis
J. Liu
J. Carroll
G. S. Virk
Enviado: Nov 27, 2018
Publicado: Nov 26, 2018


This article describes a novel mobile manipulator robot designed to work at height on construction sites. The robot comprises a mobile platform and a scissor lifter on which an ABB 6 dof manipulator is mounted. The mobile base is characterised by holonomic kinematics, provided by a novel designed omnidirectional wheel system that can travel directly and autonomously to desired poses. The robot was successfully tested in a construction site scenario to perform drilling tasks.

Palabras clave

Construction site, Mobile manipulation, Holonomic, omni-wheel, ROS.


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Gmerek, A., Plastropoulos, A., Kimball, M., Sain, A., Shah, K., Wheatley, A., Collins, P., Karfakis, P., Liu, J., Carroll, J., & Virk, G. (2018). A Novel Holonomic Mobile Manipulator Robot For Construction Sites. Memorias De Congresos UTP, 1(1), 183-191. Recuperado a partir de https://revistas.utp.ac.pa/index.php/memoutp/article/view/1910