CLAWAR 2018 is the twenty-first edition of International Conference series on Climbing and Walking Robots and the Support Technologies for Mobile Machines. The conference is organized by CLAWAR Association in collaboration with the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (UTP) within the premises of UTP, Panama City, Panama during 10 – 12 September 2018.

CLAWAR 2018 brings new developments and associated new research findings in robotics technologies for shaping the future. The topics covered include assistive robotics for levels of augmentation to full support for elderly and disabled mobility, rehabilitation and function restoration; services to humans in industrial, public and domestic environments; new locomotion and design strategies to help in climbing on various terrains; navigation and localisation approaches, non-destructive testing and inspection strategies for industrial applications.

E-ISBN 978-1-916449-00-8


Hector Montes
M Osman Tokhi
Gurvinder S Virk
Manuel Armada
Humberto Rodríguez
Roemi Fernandez
Pablo Gonzalez de Santos
Victor Sanchez
Manuel Silva

Publicado: 2018-11-26


Editors Conference

Design of a system to support the mobility of visually impaired people

Hector Montes, Ignacio Chang, Guelda Carballeda, Jose Muñoz, Antony Garcia, Rafael Vejarano+, Yessica Saez

A walking assistant using brakes and low cost sensors

Lucioano Cantelli, Dario Guastella, Luciano Mangiameli, Carmelo Donato Melita, Giovani Muscato, Domenico Longo

Rehabilitation prototype to improves mobility of acute rotator cuff injury

Mariana Torrente Rocha, Laura Jiménes Guzmán, Hernando León-Rodríguez

Standing Assistance That Considers User Posture Tolerance

M. Yokota, S. Kawazoe, D. Chugo, H. Hashimoto

Kinetic Analysis Of An Ankle Rehabilitator Composed Of Two Parallel Delta Robots.

Miguel Pérez Bayas, Geovanny Novillo Andrade, Sócrates Miguel Aquino Arroba, Javier Gavilanes Carrión

Stable Walking Dynamics In A Semi-Passive Biped

Carlos F. Rodriguez Herrera, Juan Camilo Martinez Franco, Sebastian Murillo Herrera

A scalable, modular leg design for multi-legged stair climbing robots

T. Buettner, D. Wilke, A. Roennau, G. Heppner, R. Dillmann

Cucumber Detection For Precision Agriculture Applications

Roemi Fernández, Victor Aliende, Pablo Gonzalez-De-Santos, Manuel Armada, Jelena Surdilovic, Dragoljub Surdilovic

Visual Control Of A Robotic Arm

George Carter, M. Osman Tokhi, Ousmane A. Oumar

A Novel Holonomic Mobile Manipulator Robot For Construction Sites

A. J. Gmerek, A. Plastropoulos, M. Kimball, A. Sain, K. Shah, A. Wheatley, P. Collins, P. T. Karfakis, J. Liu, J. Carroll, G. S. Virk

Using Collaborative Robots As A Tool For Easier Programming Of Industrial Robots

I. M. Sarivan, A. Batuev, A. E. Ciontos, O. Holtskog, E. N. Sivertsen, C. Schou

Educational Mobile Robots In Cloud-Based Framework For Laboratory Environment

NM Fonseca Ferreira, Atef A. Ata, Yury Korobov

Educational Humanoid Robot Using A Sensoring Fusion Through Arduino

Jessica P. M. Vital, N. M. Fonseca Ferreira, Antonio Valente

Nao robot as a domestic robot

Jessica P. M. Vital, N. M. Finseca Ferreira, Antonio Valente

Educational bandwidth traffic prediction using non-linear autoregressive neural networks

Shwan Dyllon, Timothy Hong, Ousmane Abdoulaye Oumar, Perry Xiao

Prospects and possibilities of using thermomechanical microrobots for solving technological tasks in space

N.N. Bolotnik, V.G. Chashchukhin, V.G. Gradetsky, D.V. Kozlov, I.P. Smirnov, A.A. Zhukov

Towards Safe Inspection Of Long Weld Lines On Ship Hulls Using An Autonomous Robot

Gabriela Gallegos Garrido, Tariq Sattar, Michael Corsar, Richard James, Djelloul Seghier

Miniature Magnetic Robots For In-Pipe Locomotion

George H Mills, Jason H. W. Liu, Bilal Y. Kaddouh, Andrew E. Jackson, Robert C. Richardson

Traveling-Wave-Type Wall-Climbing Robot For Airplane Surface Inspection

D. Hagiwara, T. Amakawa, Y. Yamada, T. Nakamura

Mooring Chain Climbing Robot For Ndt Inspection Applications

Matthew Kimball, Amit Sain, Artur Gmerek, Peter Collins, Andrew Wheatley, Kiran Shah, Jianwei Liu, Mahesh Dissanayake, Jessica Caroll, Angelos Plastropoulos, Panagiotis Karfakis, Gurvinder Virk, Tariq Sattar

Distributed Driving System For The Excavation Unit Of A Lunar Earthwarm-Type “Leavo” Excavation Robot

Ami Fujiwara, Toyoharu Nakatake, Naoaki Tadami, Keita Isaka, Yasuyuki Yamada, Taro Nakamura, Hirotaka Sawada, Takashi Kubota

Proposal Of Propulsion Unit Based On Earthworm Setae For Underwater Excavation Robot

Naoaki Tadami, Keita Isak, Toyoharu Nakatake, Ami Fujiwara, Yasuyuki Yamada, Taro Nakamura, Makoto Sugesawa, Hiroshi Yoshida

Development The Electronic System Of Continues Modular Snake-Like-Robot

Daniel Armando Gómez, Javier Camilo Torres Vera, Hernando León Rodríguez

Proposal Of A Remote Monitoring System Of Vital Signs For Heart Failure Patients

Hector Montes, Elia Cano, Carlos Rovetto, Juan Saldaña, Salvador Vargas

Coloured petri net model for remote monitoring of cardiovascular dysfunction

Carlos Rovetto, Elia Cano, Karina Ojo, Modaldo Tuñon, Hector Montes

Design of a gripping movement control system for a robotic hand prosthesis

Rutty Cedeño Arana, Lisbeth Mena, Héctor Montes, Ricardo Cajo

Robotics for facial reconstruction using medical images

José Serracín, Iveth Moreno, Rony Caballero, Hector Montes

Navigation of quadruped multirobots by gesture recognition using restricted boltzmann machines

Arata A. Saraiva, D. B. S Santos, F.C.F Marques Junior, Jose Vigno M. Sousa, N. M. Fonseca Ferreira, Antonio Valente

Scalable Task Cleanup Assignment for Multi-agents

Arata A. Saraiva, NJC Costa, Jose Vigno M Sousa, Thelmo Pontes De Araujo, N. M. Fonseca Ferreira, Antonio Valente