Using Collaborative Robots As A Tool For Easier Programming Of Industrial Robots


I. M. Sarivan
A. Batuev
A. E. Ciontos
O. Holtskog
E. N. Sivertsen
C. Schou
Enviado: Nov 27, 2018
Publicado: Nov 26, 2018


Programming industrial robots using traditional jogging via teach pendant is a time-consuming task that requires extensive training. More intuitive and faster task programming is often possible using kinesthetic teaching. Although this feature is available on many commercial collaborative robots, it is rarely available on traditional industrial robots. In this paper we propose a framework for allowing tasks to be instructed using a collaborative robot via kinesthetic teaching, and afterwards deployed to a traditional industrial robot. The frame- work consists of a physical modular concept for robot exchange, and a online programming software tool called Universal Industrial Interface. To assess the framework, a feasibility study is conducted where an industrial relevant task is  rst programmed using a collaborative manipulator, and afterwards deployed on an industrial manipulator.

Palabras clave

Robot programming, industrial manipulator, collaborative robot, kinesthetic teaching, cross-vendor compatibility, exible production.


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Sarivan, I. M., Batuev, A., Ciontos, A. E., Holtskog, O., Sivertsen, E., & Schou, C. (2018). Using Collaborative Robots As A Tool For Easier Programming Of Industrial Robots. Memorias De Congresos UTP, 1(1), 201-211. Recuperado a partir de