Development The Electronic System Of Continues Modular Snake-Like-Robot


Daniel Armando Gómez
Javier Camilo Torres Vera
Hernando León Rodríguez
Enviado: Nov 29, 2018
Publicado: Sep 1, 2018


This project consists of the development of an electronic system to manipulate a snake like robot in a modular way. The electronic cards were implemented in a master-slave relationship for joint control of each mechanical module. These cards are composed of a DSPic30F4011, microchip 16-bit microcontroller that incorporates the CAN module, essential protocol for communication between cards, PWM outputs for motor control, analogue and digital ports; as well as a socket to connect to an external device through the UART. The firmware has been written in MikroC Pro. Each microcontroller implements the characteristic equation from the Hirose curves to generate a serpentine movement. These moves were simulated using ROS (Robotic Operating System in Rviz).


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