Proposal Of A Remote Monitoring System Of Vital Signs For Heart Failure Patients


Hector Montes
Elia Cano
Carlos Rovetto
Juan Saldaña
Salvador Vargas
Enviado: Nov 29, 2018
Publicado: Sep 1, 2018


The heart failure patients care is increasing, in order to provide the specialized assistance at the right time. Therefore, some researchers have been developed some systems regarding the remote monitoring of the signals of these patients. In this work, it is described a proposal of a remote monitoring system of vital signs, acquired by means of non-invasive biosensors, for heart failure patients. The objective is for monitoring in real-time the vital signs of these patients in order to the specialist doctor to receive the processed data with other added signals and alarms for facilitating his/her diagnosis. This proposal will be developed in Panama, since there is not this kind of system in this country. It will be considered the intrinsic characteristics of the region for this development and also it will be considered the implementation of robotics unit in order to carry out some tasks as patient surveillance, mobile healthcare assistant in rural/remote areas, interface unit between communication systems, etc. However, after to develop this project, it would be extended to other regions of Latin America, since it is very necessary according to statistical data provided by the WHO.

Palabras clave

Heart failure patients, remote monitoring system, vital signs, bio-sensors, wireless data acquisition system.


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Montes, H., Cano, E., Rovetto, C., Saldaña, J., & Vargas, S. (2018). Proposal Of A Remote Monitoring System Of Vital Signs For Heart Failure Patients. Memorias De Congresos UTP, 1(1), 397-404. Recuperado a partir de