Robotics for facial reconstruction using medical images


José Serracín
Iveth Moreno
Rony Caballero
Hector Montes
Enviado: Nov 30, 2018
Publicado: Sep 30, 2018


The presented study in this paper deals with the development of a cranio-maxillofacial reconstruction system in three dimensions, which will interact with a haptic tool. In turn, a specific robot will be controlled using this tool, which it has installed applications associated with surgery. The proposed system will help physicians gain pre-operative experience, based on reconstructions of three-dimensional images taken from real patients. Good results have been obtained, which validate the proposed system.

Palabras clave

facial reconstruction, robotics, medical images


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Serracín, J., Moreno, I., Caballero, R., & Montes, H. (2018). Robotics for facial reconstruction using medical images. Memorias De Congresos UTP, 1(1), 421-427. Recuperado a partir de